For Maitreya mesh body – Autohide appliers *PROMO* with upgrade for Lara 3.5 body

NOIR - Maitreya APP

NEW AUTOHIDE Appliers for 3.5 Lara body :

!!! If you have Maitreya Lara 3.4 body, this appliers have only hide functions, if you want use it with full functions ( hide/show) you need to upgrade to Maitreya Lara 3.5 body!
If it save in outfits you will never need to add mesh body alpha hud and again redact body, because when you wear outfit all attached appliers hide body parts automatically! You take its off , and body is visible!
In this set I did add appliers what I did use often.

—> How to use it ?
You need just add applier, and the body parts will automatically hide.
You can mix appliers, or add hide/show sections in Maitreya body alpha HUD.

*That is only for Maitreya Mesh Body !
*Mesh Body and alpha hud not included !

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